Loss Prevention Tips For Your Holiday Season

However you plan to celebrate here are a few things to keep in mind as you put up your decorations this year.

Only use lights and extension cords that are in good condition.
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how many sets of lights can be safely strung together.
Use only indoor lights and extension cords indoors, and outdoor lights and cords for outdoor use.
Use mini or LED lights as they have cool‐burning lights and save electricity.
Never remove the ground pin or file the wide peg of plug as this interferes with the electrical grounding.
Never place extension cords through doorways or under carpets.
Use only non‐flammable or fire-resistant artificial decorations.
Do not use angel hair (glass wool) together with spray-on snowflakes as this combination is very combustible.
Do not use nails, tacks or staples to hang cords and lights as this can damage the insulation on the outside of the wire, causing corrosion or a short circuiting.

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Rising lumber costs could impact under-insured customers

People are often under-insured for the correct value of their home, business, and/or farm buildings, particularly when they choose a specific limit of insurance on their policy. Too often, the problem only becomes clear when they go to file a claim.

For example, if your home, business, or farm building burns down, you may not have enough coverage on your policy to rebuild it. Even though that building is listed on your policy, the correct value of the building may not be – and your limit of insurance may not be high enough to pay to rebuild it, based on today’s costs. Your insurance adjuster will also need to account for the cost of clean-up and debris removal, as well as re-landscaping your property.

When thinking about insurance, you need to consider two things: how much it would cost to fix or rebuild your building, and how does that compare to the insured value and policy limits you choose?

Keep in mind that real estate or market value – how much you could sell your home or business for in the current market – isn’t the same as insured value. Insured value is how much it would cost to rebuild it. Your insurance broker can help you determine that value.

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