Community Involvement

We encourage our employees to volunteer their time and expertise to charitable/non-profit organizations.

Community Investment

We provide sponsorships and donations to non-profit organizations in our communities.

Areas of Interest

Eligible projects that further the strategic goals of community investment for Interlake Insurance include, but are not limited to, activities in any of the following fields of interest: 

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and Welfare
  • Sports and Recreation

Project Consideration

In awarding investment, particular consideration is given to innovative projects which engage in one or more of the following activities: 

  • Capital projects
  • Contributing to strengthening the community, especially by encouraging the participation of diverse groups and individuals
  • Building effective partnerships within the community

Funding Restriction

As an organization, we are restricted from providing funding towards the following:

  • Organizational operations funding
  • Deficit reduction
  • Retroactive funding

No donations are permitted to individuals, political parties, advocacy groups, public relations firms, activists, lobbyists, or organizations previously convicted of fraud, involved in illegal activities, or have questionable financial management.

How to apply

If you think your organization, program, or event would be a good fit for Interlake Insurance, please review the above criteria before requesting support.

Sponsorship Application (advance notice preferred)

Disclaimer: Please make sure to provide enough information for us to make a decision. Clear and unique examples of how Interlake Insurance will be recognized are appreciated and go a long way. Good luck!

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