Red River Mutual

Red River Mutual is a Manitoba based company, providing general insurance protection on the prairies for over 135 years.

Peace Hills Insurance

Peace Hills Insurance is a licensed, general insurance company, which has been insuring Western Canadians since 1982.

Portage Mutual

The Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company was organized October 2, 1884, offering property and casualty insurance.


SGI offers its competitive property and casualty insurance products through SGI CANADA and its subsidiaries.

Saskatchewan Mutual

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance is a federally licensed insurer offering property and casualty insurance since 1908.

Manitoba Public Insurance

Manitoba Public Insurance is a non-profit Crown Corporation that has provided basic automobile coverage since 1971.

Premier Group of Companies

Premier Marine is one of the largest Managing Underwriting Agencies in Canada, headquartered in Vancouver, offering a variety of coverage including marine and hard to place homeowners.

OASIS Insurance

OASIS Outdoor Adventure & Sports Insurance Solutions Inc. was established in May 2007 to serve the insurance needs of "not for profit" outdoor, adventure or sports groups.

Manitoba Blue Cross

Manitoba Blue Cross is a not for profit organization operated by Manitobans for Manitobans offering essential services within the supplementary health care and travel benefit fields.

Group Medical Services

Group Medical Service provides a complete range of health and travel insurance for individuals and groups.


TuGo isn’t just any Canadian travel insurance provider. The most important part of our business is you! We specialize exclusively in insurance and assistance for travel’s ups and downs.

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